Assembly lean production line (B line) is completed
Date:2016-04-08 15:30:41


  With the close cooperation of the various departments of guomao group and the concerted efforts of all the stuffs, on November 20, 2015, the B line of the assembly workshop of guomao lide was formally installed and completed, and the trial operation began.

  This assembly line B. The total investment is more than 2 million, It has been successfully completed in 60 days, and mainly assembles the whole series 77-97 helical gear reducer, which is expected to produce at least 40,000 units in 2016, when the total assembly workshop can reach 130,000 units. It can be said that the construction of the B line was completed and put into operation,It will effectively enhance the market competitiveness of G series guomao reduction motor products, Which will speed up the rapid development pace of second startup of the guo mao group.

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