Enterprise culture

Core ValuesProfessional quality   Focus on customers
Guotai DreamsBased on the domestic, Facing to the global, Leading the industry, Leading the future
Guotai MissionContinue to provide customers with professional quality products and services, Improve the professional technology and manufacture level of Chinese speed reducer industry.
Guotai SpiritPursue refinement,reality,innovation 
Guotai development principleScience, Professional, Harmony, Win-win, Sustainable
Guotai quality policyThe pursuit of excellence quality, Customer demand first
Guitai work styleEffective implementation    Continuous improvement
Team culturePeople-oriented  Company as warm as home
Guotai's viewpoint on talentPeople are the most precious resources of the enterprise, high-quality talents are the important wealth of the company. Having both ability and political integrity, Having the courage to pioneer, having the courage to undertake,Meet other people's demands, Achieve own value